MPA Factbook 2020

Social Media

Magazine readers’ engagement with social media speaks volumes about the industry’s ability to connect with passionate audiences. In fact, 2019 was a year of impressive Instagram growth for a diverse range of titles, reflecting magazines’ relevance with consumers who are at home on social media.

Capturing magazine brands’ social media performance and consumers’ engagement with brands in this medium demonstrates the strong connections magazines have with social users who are passionate about their content.

According to Crowdtangle, magazine brands capture the attention of 667 million likes/followers across Facebook and Instragram. Facebook maintains the largest number of likes/followers – accounting for 432 million industry fans. Instagram, however, is the leader in growth: up 24% in magazine industry followers year over year.

Data from Helixa and Mri-simmons demonstrate the social media users of all ages are engaged with magazines on social; in fact this is an arena where younger consumers are more likely to buy products based on what they see from magazine brands.