“Average time spent reading” increased for readers younger than 54, as reading events shifted toward “in-home”






Consumers have historically engaged with magazines for longer periods of time when reading “in-home” versus “out-of-home.” In fact, average minutes per title, among those who read, remained stable across these time periods. Although overall readership for adults 18-34 and 35-54 declined, average time spent reading per title among those who did read increased slightly: 18-34 (+2.5%) and 35-54 (+4.5%). This reflects a shift where in-home reading made up a larger proportion of overall readership. For example, among 18-34-year-olds, 40% of their readership was in-home, compared to 32% PRE-COVID. Base: U.S. adults 18+, Source: Mri-simmons Spring 2020 NOTE: Findings compare two waves of data within Spring 2020 release. Wave 81 fielded in Mar-nov 2019 PRE-COVID, and Wave 82 fielded Sep 2019-May 202 pre-/during COVID.