As COVID restrictions progressed this Spring, readers increased their reliance on digital magazine content





Mri-simmons’ Spring 2020 Survey of the American Consumer was collected in two waves: Wave 81 fielded before the pandemic began, and Wave 82 fielded both before and during COVID-19 Comparing magazine engagement from wave to wave gives an indication of how pandemic life is impacting readership With social distancing and “stay-at-home” restrictions in place, Americans’ “out-of-home” readership fell by nearly 28% wave over wave, driving a nearly 16% drop in gross readership* The at-home audience, however, remained generally stable (-1%)… …and magazine website visitation+ grew by +10.5% over the same period. Print & Digital Editions declined by only -4.9%, indicating increase in digital edition readership Base: U.S. adults 18+, Source: Mri-simmons Spring 2020 * Among 133 commonly released magazines + Visitation to 103 commonly measured magazine websites