Magazines reach consumers who enjoy being the first to try products across many categories and will pay for p





Magazine readers have the power to move the needle on trends. As a group, they are more willing than most to seek out a diversity of perspectives and lead others along the way. This influence spans across product a wide variety of categories, including healthcare, automotive, food, beauty, tech, and more. Additionally, magazines attract above-average spenders of all ages. Magazine readers are influencers. Across categories such as healthcare, automotive, travel, finance, technology, food, and more, devoted magazine readers are well versed in consumer products and share their knowledge and opinions with friends and family. More specifically, Yougov demonstrates that devoted magazine readers are knowledge-seekers and early-adopters who will pay extra for quality products. Mri-simmons classifies devoted magazine readers as Category Influentials or Super Influentials on a multitude of categories and product types. Kantar captures this audience’s expertise and deep engagement with healthcare topics, and JD Power demonstrates magazine readers’ affinity for premium vehicles.